To adapt to current and future market changes – such as standardization, the rising price of raw materials, and the growth of emerging markets – OEMs and automotive interior and seating suppliers need to develop resilient and agile supply chains while finding opportunities for improvement throughout their operations. Process optimization, continuous performance improvement and sustainable results are fundamentals of lean methodology that Lectra applies to its integrated cutting room, enabling companies to stay one step ahead on the road to operational excellence.


Along with OEE rate improvement, Lectra’s end-to-end approach also helps suppliers optimize material costs along the entire process, from prototyping to cutting. With Lectra’s knowledge, suppliers can reduce material consumption and improve operational margins using a variety of levers: optimize costing and nesting, eliminate material loss due to poor handling practices, and improve the accuracy of all production phases, from spreading to offloading.

DRIVE CHANGE WITH INDUSTRY EXPERTISELectra consultant listening to customer needs

Building on more than 20 years of expertise in automated cutting rooms for the automobile industry, Lectra has accompanied the world’s Tier 1 suppliers on the path to success, through its unique change management expertise. Drawn from the automotive industry, Lectra experts apply knowledge of lean principles and industry best practices to evaluate processes, determine opportunities for improvement and create a customized, end-to-end project to help suppliers reach performance goals and maintain results over the long term.

Discover how Tachi-S Mexico improved production capacity, and reduced operational costs and quality defects with the help of Lectra consultants.


  • A team supported by a worldwide network of more than 150 Business and Solution experts, Project Managers, and Technical Specialists.
  • The only provider of operational excellence change management dedicated to the automotive industry cutting room.
  • Lectra’s expertise is built on long-term partnerships with the world’s leading Tier-1 automotive suppliers.