To maintain a strong position in the market, car makers must respond to car buyers’ demands for customization by offering automotive interiors and seating in an expanding array of colors, styles, and models. Suppliers, for their part, not only have to support car makers by manufacturing products that differentiate vehicles, but must also contend with OEMs’ stricter cost, quality, and delivery deadline requirements. Now, more than ever, automotive suppliers need fabric cutting technology solutions that fit with their strategies to achieve maximum productivity and profitability.


Cutting solutions introduced to the market 10 to 15 years ago may still be reliable and productive, but they are not capable of responding to new market requirements, most notably in terms of flexibility and performance. Moreover, each year that passes, the risk of a system breakdown grows, which can have devastating effects on a supplier’s profitability while jeopardizing their place on the supply chain.


Lectra’s latest Vector solution gives suppliers the ability to effectively respond to volume fluctuations and the growing variety of models, quickly and accurately cutting an array of pieces in a variety of even more complex shapes.Automotive upholstery solution, fabric –Lectra

This lean-compliant solution integrates innovative Lectra software, including anti-error systems that reduce costly and time-consuming reworking, while securing productivity and ensuring the high quality of cut pieces. With the ability to cut with no or limited buffers, suppliers achieve maximum production output and guarantee the optimum level of material efficiency.

Service contracts guarantee maximum system availability with constant monitoring, predictive and preventive maintenance, reporting and quality control. Combined with a unique consulting offer and comprehensive range of training options, service contracts make Lectra the partner of choice to achieve operational excellence.

Maximize the benefits of a new fabric cutting machine. Discover optimized processes and achieve operational excellence goals with Lectra’s expert consulting services.

Get a detailed look at the Vector cutting process, from pre-production to offloading.

Discover how Tachi-S Mexico improved production capacity, and reduced operational costs and quality defects with the help of Lectra consultants.



  • Guarantee full visibility and control at every step of the manufacturing process with visual management features, such as a color-coded indicator system and real-time cutting process dashboard.
  • Maximize production output by cutting ply thicknesses of up to 9 centimeters at a speed of up to 6,000 vibrations per minute.
  • Ensure consistent cutting quality with anti-error devices – which can detect problems such as incorrect spread thickness, blade breakages and inappropriate drill diameters – and avoid distortion of highly compressible fabrics with dynamic vacuum control. 
  • Obtain up to 98% uptime thanks to unique embedded intelligence.